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Mastering Preschool 

Everything you need to START A PRESCHOOL

Mastering Preschool 

Everything you need to


Ready to get started?

Module 1 : Research

Prepare Home, Interviewing, Registration, Open House, Business Liability, Licensing, Business Insurance.


Module 2 : Professional Focus

Choosing a business name, Importance of branding, DBA, Business Account’s, Setting up a business card.

40 min.

Module 3 : Marketing

No cost marketing, Low-cost marketing, Budget-friendly postcards.


Module 4 : Setting Up Class

Preparing Classroom, Interviews, Registration Process and Setting up an open house.


Module 5 : Management

Management tools, organizing filing, preschool children, communication with parents, organization, and routines.


Module 6 : Improving As You Go

Community Involvement, education and staying ahead of the competition.


Bonuses : That's Not ALL

Building a Website

Essentials Preschool FULL YEAR Curriculum


Certificates and Diploma

Forms (Registration & Financial Docs)

Graduation Program


Policies and Procedures



Angela Herem


Hi There! I created a Mastering Preschool to help you stay at home and earn a full-time income. I’ve taken all the most important lessons I know and putting them into this course.