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Back To School (August/September) Preschool


Subject: Math, Literature, Phonics
Grade Levels: PreK, Homeschool
Resource Type: Worksheets, Activities, Printables
File Type: PDF (6 MB|75 pages)

A full month of NO PREP (perfect for distance learning) activity worksheets. OVER 75 PAGES! This Back to School Packet is filled with hands-on worksheets. This Packet has kids excited about learning and Preschool! All activities are appropriate skills for Preschool. NO PREP WORK.

Included in Packet:

1.Letter A dot or cover

2.Letter B dot or cover

3.Letter C dot or cover

4.Letter D dot or cover

5.A Trace from top to bottom

6.B Trace from top to bottom

7.C Trace from top to bottom

8.D Trace from top to bottom

9.School Bus Tracing Practice-Straight Lines

10.Apple Tracing Practice-Zig Zag Lines

11.Glue Tracing Practice-Wavy Lines

12.Backpack Tracing Practice-Curve Lines

13.Tracing Practice-All Lines Review

14.Dot Marker- Find the letter A

15.Dot Marker- Find the letter B

16.Dot Marker- Find the letter C

17.Dot Marker- Find the letter D

18.Bus Letter Sort- A and a

19.Bus Letter Sort- B and b

20.Bus Letter Sort- C and c

21.Bus Letter Sort- D and d

22.Number 1 and one tracing and counting

23.Number 2 and two tracing and counting

24.Number 3 and three tracing and counting

25.Number 4 and four tracing and counting

26. Number 5 and five tracing and counting

27. Drawing and Tracing Circles

28. Drawing and Tracing Triangles

29. Shape sorting: Circles and Triangles

30. Letter A maze

31. Letter B maze

32. Letter C maze

33. Letter D maze

34. Fine Motors- Dot not a lotof Glue Practice

35. What's the Number- Matching 1 and One

36. What's the Number- Matching 2 and two

37. What's the Number- Matching 3 and three

38. What's the Number- Matching 4 and four

39. Cutting Time Practice- straight lines

40. Cutting Time Practice-School cut and paste

41. Cutting Time Practice-School cut and paste

42. Matching 1-5 with images Cut and Paste

43. Counting 1-5 cut and paste

44. Matching school pictures

45. Count the items in each row. Circle the correct number.

46. Sequencing: Sandwiches

47. What’s the pattern?

48. Which are the same?

49. Which is Bigger?

50. Which is smaller?

51. Sight word- Letter A Find and Build

52. Sight word- Letter A Dot or Color

53. What is different?

54. Number 2- Dot or Cover and Match

55. Number 3- Dot or Cover and Match

56. Number 4- Dot or Cover and Match

57. Number 5- Dot or Cover and Match

60. Roll and Cover 1-5

61. Color by Number 1-5

62. Back to School Matching 1-5

63. Sorting Shape- Circle and Triangles

64. Number vs Letter- A and number 1

65. The Color Red- cut and paste

66. Letter Aa- Find the word’s with an A

67. Letter Aa- Trace and write

68. Letter Bb- Trace and write

69. Letter Cc- Trace and write

70. Letter Dd- Trace and write

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