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December Preschool Packet

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Subject: Numbers, Literature, Phonics
Grade Levels: PreK
Resource Type: Worksheets, Activities, Printables
Formats: PDF (6 MB|63 pages)

A full month of NO PREP activity worksheets. OVER 60 PAGES! This December Packet is filled with hands-on worksheets. This Packet has kids excited about learning and Preschool! All activities are appropriate skills for Preschool. NO PREP WORK.


Including in this packet is:

*Shapes: Triangle

*I Can Draw Triangles

*Shape Maze: Triangles

*Color and Trace the Shapes

*Trace and Write Letter M

*Trace and Write Letter N

*Trace and Write Letter O

*Trace and Write Letter P

*Letter Sort (cut and paste) M

*Letter Sort (cut and paste) N

*Letter Sort (cut and paste) O

*Letter Sort (cut and paste) P

*Letter Search M

*Letter Search N

*Letter Search O

*Letter Search P

*Trace the Letter M (upper and lowercase)

*Trace the Letter N(upper and lowercase)

*Trace the Letter O (upper and lowercase)

*Trace the Letter P (upper and lowercase)

* Christmas-Learn to trace from top to bottom

* Christmas-Learn to trace from left to right

*Christmas-Roll and cover- Numbers

* Christmas-Roll and cover-Shapes

* Which is Taller

*Tracing Practice

*Trace from Top to Bottom

* Which is More

*Roll and Color

* Letters Trace

*Letter Maze-M

*Letter Maze-N

*Letter Maze-O

*Letter Maze-P

* Number 6-10 dot or cover

* Sequencing-Build a snowman

*Dot or Cover 10

*Dot or Cover 11

*Dot or Cover 12

*Dot or Cover 13

*Math Cube Measuring

*Color the Christmas Lights

*Christmas Time Counting

* Build Your Snowman

* Glue a Little Not a Lot


* Sight word find-new

* Sight word find-he

* Sight word find-as

* Sight word find-look

* Roll and Trace- at words

*Everything Red

*Matching 1-5

*Christmas Patterns

*Bingo Dot the Letter M

*Bingo Dot the Letter N

*Bingo Dot the Letter O

*Bingo Dot the Letter P


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