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Easter Theme Packet


Holidays/Seasonal, Spring, Phonics
Grade Levels:
PreK, Kindergarten, Homeschool
Resource Type:
Worksheets, Printables, Literacy Center Ideas
File Type: PDF
(6 MB|57 pages)

40 Pages of NO PREP activity worksheets. Including in this packet is: *Find the Letter E *Find the Letter F *Find the Letter G * Phonics letter E * Phonics letter F * Phonics letter G * Learn to trace from top to bottom *Find the color green * Circle maze * Sight word match * Trace and Drawing  * Tracing line * Name the pictures * Counting 1-5 * Letters vs Numbers * Letter Sorting * Dot of glue * Cutting time * Sequencing * What is the pattern * Sight words * Easter Bingo *Find the Letter H


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