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There are some in our field that would say only people “worthy enough” to teach are those with degrees in Early Childhood Education.

I get this question often.  Am I qualified to run a preschool?

Of course, they already have done all the research about best practice and how to meet each child’s developmental needs.

I agree that it is important to know about best practice. There is one thing I always question. They say we should have a degree in Early Childhood Education.

I’m here to tell you my Degree isn’t in Early Childhood Education and I run a successful preschool in my home.

There are many women who will qualify themselves in other ways to be teaching children. If you want to make a difference in little lives this surpasses many degrees. Do you have the drive to make the best preschool?  Are you dedicated to learning the process?  

Okay. You are qualified.

You have probably listened to all the naysayers before landing on my blog. Don’t listen to all the negative talk about not having the correct degree and give up. I would never have started my preschool that blessed me and so many kids. 

I knew I was capable but I didn’t know exactly how to get started.  My past jobs were Insurance Agent and Paralegal experience. I spent several months figuring it all out.  One thing I knew for sure is what I didn’t know, I could LEARN!”

And that’s why I decided to combine all my knowledge and experience and teach other mom’s step by step to Mastering Preschool.

I believe that if you have these qualifications, that I can definitely help you build the most successful preschool within a couple of months. 

1. Love Kids. 

If you don’t love kids this isn’t the job for you.  Kids know when you aren’t happy about what you are doing or where you are.  It will show in how you treat them.

2. Patient.

Probably the most important quality that a teacher should have is patience. The best teachers are very patient with their students. You need to be prepared to answer the same questions and problems over and over again. 

3. Dedicated 

Are you dedicated to learning? Teachers that are passionate, work with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment increase, and they believe in the importance of their job.

Okay, so what do you think?  Are you ready to master preschool?

I will continue to fight for the preschool teachers. We need you! You are such a blessing to so many children.